Lucy Attwood

This Way Up – Edinburgh Fringe

July 2012 – August 2012

C Venue

Set and Costume Designer

This Way Up was reworked by Antler Theatre and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“The characters drag their lives, packed into boxes into their new flat. As the play progresses, each scene is manipulated using these cardboard boxes to create phone booths, cupboards, lifts and furniture. The integration of this set is so well conceived through the use of fluid choreography that it almost becomes a character of its own, dancing around the stage breathing life into the imaginations of the audience. Furthermore it acts as a real reminder of the disorder and uncertainty facing these graduates as they live out of the boxes, trying to comprehend and organise the life around them.” UReview

★★★★ “The homemade and wholesome look belies what we can safely assume was a lot of hard work. As with all good productions, swift set changes which must have taken real graft to perfect appear effortless” – A Younger Theatre